JungGi Kim Exhibition3「rubato」 JP/EN/CN

From August 30 to September 16, 2018, Animanga Zingaro is proud to annouce “rubato”, a solo exhibition of works by JunGi Kim.

*Important note regarding the entrance to the venue
If the event venue gets congested, there might be a restriction with the number of people who can enter the exhibition venue.
Please do not occupy the venue’s surrounding area or block the pathways while waiting for the venue to open.

【Exhibition Dates】
August 30 – September 16, 2018
*Gallery Closed on Wednesdays
*Opening Reception: Thursday August 30, 18:00-19:00
The opening reception will be accompanied by a liv-drawing event.

【Live-drawing events / Book-signing sessions】
There will be live-drawing events and book-signing sessions during the exhibition period.

Friday 31 August
Saturday 1 September
Sunday 2 September

Time Schedule:
12:00〜14:00 Live-drawing event
14:00〜14:30 Book-signing session (*requires waiting list tickets)
14:30〜15:30 Lunch break
15:30〜18:00 Live-drawing event
14:00〜14:30 Book-signing session (*requires waiting list tickets)

Born in 1975 in Korea. Currently lives and works in Seoul.
After acquiring Master of Arts and Design Degree from Department of Art,
Toshi University, Kim Jung Gi debuted as a cartoonist with “Funny Funny”,
published in “YoungJump” magazine in 2002.
He has been actively holding exhibitions around the world,
while publishing 6 books featuring his sketchbook drawings,
of which latest issue “2018 sketch collection” was released this July.
In 2014, Kim published “SPY GAMES” (written by Jean-David Morvan) from the French publisher Glénat.
In 2016 he published “Magnum Photo – Tome3-McCurry,
NY 11 September 2001”, a non-fiction comic featuring 9.11,
which was the third installment of his Steve McCurry series.
In Japan, he has co-published “Katsuya Terada + Kim Jung Ill illustrations Collection” from Genkosha.





Animanga zingaro
中野ブロードウェイ 2F
12:00 - 19:00

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